Sanders and Abrasives

We sell all of the abrasives needed for commercial floor sanders including belts, edger discs, 16", 17" and 19" pads and screen discs.

Upgrade Your Surface with Sanders and Abrasives

Sanders can help prepare your surface for painting, coating or refinishing. Our 12 x 18 orbital sander will prepare a floor for re-coating with one of our top quality floor finishes from Lenmar, PoloPlaz and Bona, Zar or Minwax. The sander captures most of the sanding dust to keep the area clean and can get right up to the edge of the floor, minimizing the amount of edge sanding that you will need to do. Our drywall sander is used to sand drywall repairs, and is connected to a vacuum with a special bag to capture most of the drywall dust.

We sell all of the abrasives needed for these units, as well as abrasives for commercial floor sanders including belts, edger discs, 16″, 17″ and 19″ pads and screen discs. We also carry Norton sand dollars for commercial floor sanders that can help reduce or eliminate swirl marks in intermediate floor finish coats.

Perspectives Paint and Design Center carries a huge variety of abrasives for floor finishers as well as general use. Our primary supplier is Norton, offering products for the professional floor finisher in different grades, sizes and types. Norton Blue Fire is the industry standard, and as the name implies, the abrasive is blue in color. Norton Red Heat is a step up in abrasive durability and ability to “cut” the surface more quickly. Norton Blaze is a ceramic based abrasive, orange in color that is the ultimate in durability and capability, especially on pre-finished floors that need to be abraded before they can be re-coated.

Our full line of hand sanding products includes aluminum oxide sandpaper, Norton 3X premium sandpaper, and “Black Ice” wet / dry sandpaper in grits from 320 up to 1500 grit. Sanding sponges in single sided and 4 sided configurations in a variety of grits rounds out our extensive selection of sanding material. Contact Perspectives today for your sanding and abrasives needs.