Tools and Supplies

Best Tools and Supplies for Your Workshop

Perspectives Paint and Design Center stocks a huge selection of brushes, roller covers, trays and tray liners, pots, buckets, extension poles, hand tools and lots of “gadgets” that will make your job easier but that you won’t find at the “Big Box”. Repair products include Woodwise wood fillers in colors and wood tones, Abatron Liquid Wood and Wood Epox restoration products and a wide assortment of putties and fillers to repair nearly any type of substrate. Pro Stretch elastomeric caulk is available in a variety of colors, clear and white, along with specialty caulks including NP-1, Lexel and Quick-to-Coat quick drying caulk. We can even make custom colored caulk, using your paint for an exact match.

Our selection of supplies includes drop cloths in canvas, plastic and butyl coated in a variety of sizes and weights. A wide variety of tape, including Frog Tape and ShurTape Blue provides the ability to get clean lines and professional results every time. Safety wear items include respirators, safety glasses and goggles, hearing protection, non-skid shoe covers and gloves in latex and nitrile. For a professional look, our painter pants and shorts have all the pockets and loops to keep your tools handy and keep you looking good. To get surfaces clean before painting, we provide cleaners from Kabosh, Mean Green, Krud Kutter, and the old standby TSP. Products from Peel Away and Ready Strip provide a safe, effective way to remove old paint to prepare surfaces for a fresh coat of paint.