Wood Stains

Floor finishes, Decks, Fences, trim, furniture, doors etc..

Choose the Right Wood Stain for Your Project

Perspectives Paint and Design Center offers a broad selection of wood stains and finishes for all types of wood surfaces, both interior and exterior.


Exterior products from ProLuxe, Cabot, Defy, Storm, and One-Time provides our customers, both residential and commercial, with the products that will give them the look and durability that will make their exterior wood project last and add to curb appeal and value of the property.


Interior stains and finishes from Lenmar, Minwax, Zar, Parks, Polo Plaz, Bona and others allows Perspectives to match stains and provide the protective coatings that will make the project last. Our wood stain matching is second to none; we are one of the few independent, locally owned paint and decorating products stores in Central Kentucky that can even do stain matching.


Waterborne finishes are becoming more popular as the technology matures, making waterborne finishes comparable to solvent bornes in durability. Ease of use is also a factor, as waterbornes offer quicker re-coat times, less solvents,  and lower VOC and odor. Catalyzed waterborne finishes offer outstanding abrasion resistance and non-yellowing characteristics that allows the true color of the floor to show through. This is especially true with pastel or pickled stains that would change dramatically if finished with a traditional polyurethane finish. Contact the best Paint and Design center in Lexington, KY today!

Deck Stain

Turn your deck into a showpiece with prep products and premium wood stain finishes from ProLuxe, Cabot, Coronado, Saver Systems, and One Time. Our experienced staff can explain the entire procedure, including prep, cleaning, product selection, application, and maintenance to make your deck shine.

Our product selection includes translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid color deck stain products. Not sure which one to use? Our staff can explain the differences between products, including the pros and cons of each product, and we have samples available for most of the products we can provide.

Re-finishing an old deck, or protecting a new deck is easy to do, but there are several steps that you must take to make sure that you get the result that you are looking for. Check out our TIPS AND TRICKS tab for great advice on this and other projects.

There are several types of exterior stains:

  • Translucent stains are toners that have a minimum of pigment and are designed to add a light tone to the wood. For this reason, translucent stains have the shortest life cycle when compared to the other types of stains. Translucent stains commonly have to be re-applied on an annual basis to maintain their appearance.
  • Semi Transparent stains are, as the name implies, semi transparent. They provide color to the surface without hiding the natural grain of the wood. Semi transparent stains are great for new wood or wood that is uniform in color and graining pattern.
  • Semi Solid stains have more pigment than semi transparent, so they tend to hide the grain of the wood to a degree. The grain can still be seen, but it is more muted. Semi solid stains are used when the wood is weathered and needs more pigment to help hide irregularities in the surface.
  • Solid Stains are opaque, similar in appearance to paint, but in a stain format that will penetrate into the wood and provide a uniform color over the entire surface. Solid stain can be used to hide irregularities in the surface color that would show through a Semi Transparent or Semi Solid finish.