Perspectives has a wide selection of in-stock wallpaper Lexington residents want in both current and closeout patterns. Our current inventory includes over 2,000 rolls of wall coverings and borders. Our library of 1100+ special order wallpaper books includes selections from nearly all manufacturers of both consumer and commercial wallpaper.

We offer all of our special order wallcoverings at 25% off book price and we have a rotating selection of books at 50% off book price. Our in-stock patterns are offered at discounts equal to or greater than the discounts on special order patterns, with prices from $1.99 closeouts to $24.95 for some current patterns. Our largest selection of closeouts average $6.99 per single roll, while the largest selection of current patterns is priced at only $14.96 per single roll.Recent additions to our in-stock selections include designer wallpapers from Ronald Redding at substantial savings off suggested retail price.

Perspectives is the largest commercial wallcovering supplier in  Central Kentucky, providing product for many major commercial construction projects including hospitals, medical, legal, and commercial offices, retirement communities, the hospitality industry and state and local government buildings. Our staff is familiar with the special requirements of the commercial wallcovering market, including documentation of fire ratings and the importance of on-time delivery.

A word about ordering wallpaper- Perspectives fully supports the efforts of the Paint and Decorating Retailer’s Association (PDRA) to combat the “800-number Pirates” that plague our industry. These unscrupulous vendors will tell customers to “shop your local store and call us with your order” and “avoid paying sales tax”. This takes unfair advantage of the local dealer, who has to maintain his or her shop, buy the wallcovering sample books (yes, we have to buy these books at an average cost of $60.00 per book – they are not free!), maintain and train the staff to answer questions and help solve problems for our customers. The “pirates” have none of the overhead that your local dealer has to maintain – all they have is a room with a phone. Plus, the sales tax is still due – most states require the buyer to report and pay sales tax on purchases of this type. Perspectives urges our visitors to patronize their local dealer first – if you don’t have a local dealer or if they can’t find the pattern you are looking for, we’ll be glad to try to help you.

For availability or pricing of patterns please call : 859-277-0521 or visit our new Design Center and view our Special Order Book Library which includes collections from Designers such as Antonina Vella, Candice Olson,  Kenneth James, Patty Madden, Ronald Redding, Nina Hancock, Florence Broadhurst and more. We also have a broad selection of styles from Schumacher, Thibaut, York, Brewster, Seabrook, Warner, Patton and other fine distributors. 

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