How to Paint Like a Pro: Finishing up

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How to Paint Like a Pro: Finishing up


  • Clean your Brush PROMTLY! You can never use to much water when cleaning brushes! A great brush should last
    through several jobs. Even years! A brush comb and brush spinner are helpful too. Hang to dry. Clean your roller covers
    too! Properly cleaned roller covers can be reused several times. I know one contractor who used the same roller cover on 10 houses and got perfect results every time.
  • Remove the Painter’s Tape. Remove the tape by pulling the loose end back over the tape still on the surface to minimize removal of the paint on the surface. Peel off the tape while the paint before paint has dried completely, ideally about an hour after you’ve finished painting, to avoid accidentally removing any dried paint along with it. Leaving the painter’s tape on too long is one of the most common painting mistakes people make.


Drying Time

  • Follow the manufacturer’s drying instructions, which you’ll find on the can, to make sure the paint is completely dry before applying second coat if needed.
  • Different kinds of paint dry at different speeds—and they’ll feel dry to the touch before they’re ready for you to lay on an extra coat. A latex-based paint will feel dry to the touch in about an hour, and be ready for a second coat in four hours. An oil-based paint takes six hours to feel dry, and you should wait a day to apply a second coat.
  • Dry time and cure time are different. Dry time is when the paint feels dry to the touch, while cure time is longer, typically 7—10 days. During the cure time, care should be taken to avoid brushing up against the painted areas to avoid marking or burnishing the finish. As the paint cures, it obtains its full hardness and durability.

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